Fellside Roast


Welcome to Fellside Roast

Small Batch, Craft Coffee fresh from Cumbria's South Lakes. We are a new start up roastery, taking inspiration from the beauty of our surroundings. Our coffee is perfectly suited for enjoying in the great outdoors.

Green Coffee Beans


We source only the highest quality green beans from all around the world. These are then combined in order to create our signature blends, or roasted alone for our Single Origin range.


Our roasting process is carefully tailored in order to extract the best natural flavours from our beans. Available in a range of roast profiles, so there is something for everyone.

Roasted Coffee Beans
Coffee Bean Sack


We are hoping to launch a direct to consumer subscription service over the next few months. This will ensure that our coffee is as fresh as possible when it reaches you, for the perfect brew.


Although our coffee tastes just as good indoors, we think it is best experienced outdoors. Whether on a walk, after a run or part way through a bike ride.

Mug of Fresh Coffee