Grind Types

How to pick the right coffee grind

We have a range of different options available in order to perfectly tailor our coffee to any preparation method. These have all been tried and tested by Scott and Henry to create (our version of) the perfect cup.

All of our coffee is supplied in a heat sealed bag with a one-way valve in order to allow degassing of the beans. We also only grind to order this ensures the coffee will be as fresh as possible when it reaches you. 

Whole Bean

Use: Grinding at home

For those who have a way of grinding their own coffee at home we offer it whole bean. This is the best way to ensure maximum freshness as the moment coffee is ground it begins to react with oxygen in the air. If you are able, it is best to grind your coffee fresh for each brew.


Use: Cafetières

The coarsest grind type that we offer is tailored especially for cafetières (also known as a French Press).


Use: Filter / Stove Top / AeroPress

Our medium grind type is perfect for preparing coffee in a range of methods. Finer than Cafetière, but slightly coarser than Espresso it is a very versatile grind. Ideal for use with Filter, Stove Top or AeroPress brewing styles.


Use: Espresso Machines

Espresso grind is our finest grind type and ideal for use within a range of espresso machines.